At Trinity Basin Preparatory, our teachers strive to create a culture of positive interdependence through shared goals and experiences of collective success.

    • Smaller class sizes allow our teachers to deeply engage with students while forging strong, lasting, trust-based relationships with them and their families.

    • We hire English as a Second Language (ESL) certified teachers and provide them with on-campus support in the classroom, which includes, but is not limited to: Specialists, Response to Intervention (RTI), and Instructional Coaches (ICs)

    If you would like additional information regarding employment opportunities at Trinity Basin Preparatory, please contact our Human Resources Department by emailing hr@trinitybasin.net or calling us at (214) 946-9100.

      Becoming a Teacher at TBP

      • I'm a Texas Certified Teacher - What is the first step to becoming a teacher at TBP?

      • What if I'm an experienced teacher with out of state certification?

      • What if I am not currently certified to teach but am interested in becoming a teacher?

      Hiring Process

      • Hiring Process

        1. Submit an application through our website!
        2. A principal or hiring manager will invite you to an interview - be on the look out for a phone call or email from them!
        3. After your interview, the Hiring Manager will submit a recommendation to HR
        4. HR will call you to offer the job and provide additional details
        5. Think about it or accept on the spot! Congratulations! You're now a TITAN!
        6. HR will finalize your orientation and start date with you. Be sure to complete any additional steps, such as being fingerprinted as needed, completion of new hire paperwork, and compliance videos.
      Various photos of teachers with students