At Trinity Basin Preparatory, our teachers strive to create a culture of positive interdependence through shared goals and experiences of collective success.

    • Smaller class sizes allow our teachers to deeply engage with students while forging strong, lasting, trust-based relationships with them and their families.

    • We hire English as a Second Language (ESL) certified teachers and provide them with support in the classroom, which includes, but is not limited to: Specialists, Response to Intervention (RTI), and Instructional Coaches (ICs)

    In addition to subject matter exploration and instruction, TBP schools are using SEL (social- emotional learning) to help students acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to:

  • Understand & Manage Emotions
  • Set & Achieve Goals
  • Establish & Maintain Positive Relationships
  • Feel & Show Empathy
  • Make Responsible Decisions
  • A higher emphasis on consistent SEL in classrooms has proven that significant associations exist between measured social-emotional skills in kindergarten and young adult outcomes. For example: Students who were stronger in SEL competencies were more likely to graduate from high school, complete a college degree, and obtain stable employment in young adulthood.


    Trinity Basin Preparatory is committed to enhancing our instructional programming, practices and strategies to promote future-ready learning and success through High Impact Learning.

    What Is High Impact Learning?

    High Impact Learning is the use of specific teaching and learning practices in which students actively pose and solve problems, work collaboratively in a community of peers, experience real-world applications of knowledge, and reflect on their own learning processes. Though there are many formats for High Impact Learning, TBP focuses on:

    • Enviroment: Classrooms and Collaborative Spaces
      • TBP designs and implements a learner centric ecosystem in their classrooms and spaces which includes:
        • Multiple Modalities 
        • Integrated Technology 
        • Relevancy and Sustainability 
        • Learner Mobility and Adaptability
    • Experience: Authentic, Relative, Innovative, Collaborative 
      • TBP designs and implements a learning experience that enhances students' learning and lives by providing:

        • Deep Engagement  
        • Authentic Inquiry and Discovery 
        • Participatory Teaching and Learning
    • People: TBP Leader and Student Profile 
      • TBP understands the value and success of an organization lies in the heart, character, and actions of its people. To successfully integrate High Impact Learning into our foundational programming, staff and students engage in:

        • Action  
        • Feedback and Reflection 
        • Collaborative 
        • Strategic Implementation 
        • Intentional Training and Development