Literacy for Life



    Literacy for Life aims to spark a love for reading in every child. Literacy for Life ensures your children will be equipped to read from the earliest of grades through high school graduation and beyond.


    Reading is the foundation upon which success in the classroom is built for every child at every grade level. Research shows students who are not reading on grade level by 3rd grade are significantly more likely to struggle for the remainder of their academic careers and are four times more likely to drop out of high school. 3rd grade is such a pivotal year and the work leading up to 3rd grade and beyond must be based on best practices and research-based strategies to develop authentic literacy in all students. In 2017-2018, TBP committed to restructuring our classrooms to support and ensure our children will be equipped to read from the earliest grades through high school graduation and beyond. Launched in 2019-2020, Lit4Life 3.0 illuminates a path to authentic literacy by continuing the six components of the classroom framework and adding an emphasis on emotional literacy, as well as the new English Language Arts & Reading state standards with all content teachers.


    7 Components of Literacy for Life

    Shared Reading
    Emotional Literacy
    Independent Reading
    Small Group Instruction

Literacy for Life - Critical Success Factors

  • Data Checkpoints: Universal screeners:iStations & DRA Grading Period: Content Based Assessments: Benchmarks: STAAR
  • Measurable Outcomes: 80% of all students will be reading on grade level evidenced in DRA for K-2, and 3-8 iStation: 10% increase in performance in all reading: STAAR