Teacher Incentive Allotment at TBP

  • About the Teacher Incentive Allotment

    HB 3 in the 86th Texas Legislature included a massive increase in teacher pay. The  TIA was established by HB 3 with a stated goal of a six-figure salary for teachers. TIA allotment funds help Texas school systems reward, retain, and recruit highly effective teachers. The funding formula prioritizes high needs and rural campuses.

    Districts can now create compensation plans based on teacher effectiveness and student equity. This new model creates a path for outstanding teachers to earn a six-figure salary. Thus, reducing the desire for highly effective teachers to leave the classroom.

    Learn more about TIA from TEA (Texas Education Agency)



    The Teacher Incentive Allotment performance standards were established by looking at student growth performance data and teacher observation data on T-TESS. Recognized represents the top 33%, Exemplary represents the top 20%, and Master represents the top 5% of teachers across the state.


    Tiers: Top 5% Teachers=Master, Top 20% Teachers=Exemplary, Top 33% Teachers=Recognized, Meeting Standards=Teaching Proficient