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TBP Announces Plans for Future 2023-24 Home for 10th Street Campus

Following Dallas City Council approval of rezoning on January 26, last week, TBP closed on the $10MM acquisition of the existing 33,000 square foot Tyler Street Christian Academy (TSCA) campus located on five acres at 915 W. 9th Street in Dallas, which is one block north on the opposite side of the street from the current 10th Street Campus building.

“We are very excited to begin work on a fabulous new campus to replace the oldest of TBP’s campuses,” Superintendent Randy Shaffer said. “It will take us some time, because we want to get this right for our wonderful 10th Street staff, and for current and future students who will attend this new campus. As we develop our plans, we will communicate our timeline, seek input on all facility needs, and strive to always do our best to create a wonderful new home for one of our original campuses.”

Because the current TSCA facility is not large enough to meet the needs of the existing 10th St. Campus, TBP will be constructing a new classroom building on the property to create additional space for existing class and student count. Due to the time required in the design and construction plans, the move to the new campus location is estimated to take place in fall 2023.

“Trinity Basin Preparatory is always looking for ways to do more for our students and our community,” TBP’s Chief Development Officer Brandon Duck said. “We are grateful to partner with an existing school in our community to provide a new, innovative campus environment for our teachers and current and future students.”