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10th Street Campus Honors Texas Rep. Anchía with Charter Champions Award

On Tuesday, December 7, TBP’s 10th Street Campus hosted Texas State Representative Rafael Anchía to present him with the Texas Public Charter Schools Association (TPCSA) Charter Champions award for his support of legislation favorable to public charter schools during the 2021 legislative session.

The award featured a drawing by third grade student Genesis Cruz, who was introduced by campus Art Teacher Kenneth White, and spoke about the inspiration for her artwork, her friends being able to play on the campus playground, which she missed during the closures related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the event, the 10th Street Campus Cheerleading Team, directed by Lisa Chumley, Abby Richards, and Tyra Voholetz, performed a holiday-inspired routine following remarks from TBP Superintendent/CEO Randy Shaffer and Chief Academic Officer Lesley Austin.

Campus Principal Candee Martinez, accompanied by Shaffer and Austin, led Rep. Anchía on a tour of the campus and discussed plans to provide new campus facilities for students if a proposed re-zoning measure is approved by the City of Dallas. 


 Randy Shaffer speaking at award ceremony  Rep. Anchia thanking student artist

TBP Executive Team giving Rep. Anchia a campus tour  Classroom visit for Rep. Achia

Students working in class during classroom visit  Principal Candee Martinez showing Rep. Anchia the 10th Street Playground

Classroom visit  Outdoor meeting with TBP Executive Team