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Application Deadline to be Included in Lottery

Following the application closing date, the Enrollment Specialist will determine the number of timely received re-enrollment packets for each grade level and based on that number, calculate the number of openings in each grade level. If the number of students eligible for admission in a grade level who turned in applications is less than the number of openings in that grade level, all students who are eligible for admission for that grade level will be admitted. If not, the particular grade level will be subject to a lottery. 

The lottery, if any, shall be conducted within the next ten (10) business days following the application closing date.

If necessary, the lottery for each grade will be conducted in three stages: (A) children of the school’s founders, teachers, and staff; (B) siblings of current students and admitted students; and (C) students who live within the school’s geographic boundary (including homeless students).

Applications received after the application closing date, regardless of whether they are received before or after the lottery, will be placed on the waitlist according to their application classification: child of the school’s founders, teachers and staff; sibling of current or admitted student; or student who lives within the school’s geographic boundary (including homeless students). Thus, for instance, any sibling who submits an application for admission after the application closing date
will be placed at the bottom of the section of the waitlist for siblings (and immediately ahead of the students residing within the school’s geographic boundary).