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Ewing Students Apply Principles of Art to Valentine’s Themed Project

During the week leading up to Valentine's Day, student's at the Ewing Campus learned about rhythm in art by studying street artist and designer James Goldcrown. Students used high contrast chalk to create Valentine’s Day themed heart art that demonstrates many of the principles of art and elements of design, including rhythm, contrast, pattern, color, shape, movement, and balance.

"After studying the rhythm of a sculpture in a Fort Worth Museum and then connecting rhythm to music and dance, we learned about Goldcrown, created our own heart art," Ewing Art Teacher Leia Jobe said. "Students then contributed to a school-wide street art project by using chalk to draw Goldcrown style hearts on the back wall and sidewalk."

Two students drawing  Over the shoulder photo of a student drawing

Girl drawing colorful hearts  Boy drawing colorful hearts on paper

1st - 3rd graders at TBP's Ewing campus

Student spaced out along rock retaining wall using chalk to draw  Student using chalk to draw on a rock retaining wall