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Jefferson Students Celebrate Passport Experience with Music and Art

Jefferson art teacher Lynnette Anderson and music teacher Crystal Sanchez joined forces to help students study the art, history, and culture of various countries around the world in what they’re calling the “Passport Experience.”

The project has students creating their passport and learning about the passport and their responsibility of keeping up with while they “travel.”

“Their first adventure will be in Central America and then they will move on to Spain, Africa, Japan, Australia, and others, depending on time,” Jefferson counselor Leah Farda said. “Over the next several weeks, they will be diving into the various culture by watching videos, reading articles/websites/travel brochures, and then creating musical instruments, doing presentations, and creating visual representations of their passport experience.”

Student’s discussed the use across various regions of Mesoamerica of rainmakers for crop ceremonies and looms for weaving fabric.

"As we studied the culture of the Incas, we learned that modern natives of this region are very resourceful and can create beautiful cloth out of alpaca fur!” Sanchez said. “We learned how they spun wool into yarn and would weave and create clothing, blankets, handbags, and many more by using a loom and natural dye. We created our own looms and had students weave their own creations!"
Below are some photos of the looms and rainmakers the classes created.